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Taxi advertising and Uber advertising

For businesses seeking to promote their products or increase brand awareness, few marketing avenues offer the reach, the impact, and the value for money as taxi advertising.

Throughout the UK’s town and city centres, taxis are granted access to areas that are off-limits to the majority of drivers, resulting in a fantastic cost-effective solution for brands looking to develop or refine an OOH advertising strategy.

At Media Buying, we offer a comprehensive taxi advertising service that assists businesses of all shapes and sizes in getting their message across in a memorable way. With our nationwide network of media publishers and creative professionals, we can develop a tailored campaign that is suited to the specific requirements of your business and the limitations of your budget.

No matter your location or the market you wish to target, our team will work closely with you to ensure your taxi advertising campaign is a resounding success.

To learn more about our taxi advertising services, contact us today. Alternatively, keep reading for our comprehensive guide to taxi advertising.

The Benefits of Taxi Advertising


80% of ABC1 consumers can recall a taxi advert they have seen in the past week. This recall rate is almost double that of OOH digital screens and posters, which are usually significantly more expensive, particularly in city centres and high-traffic locations.


As mentioned, in the UK’s town and city centres, taxis are commonly permitted access to no-car lanes and other restricted areas. For maximum exposure, taxi advertising (and, to a similar extent, bus advertising) is tough to beat.


Generally speaking, branded taxis and exterior taxi advertising is a non-selective marketing initiative: a taxi advert will be seen by a huge audience of consumers across a range of demographics. As a result, taxi advertising can be ideal for a business wishing to advertise to a varied audience of potential customers.


For the majority of taxi drivers, working days are rarely 9 to 5. Taxi advertising allows you to develop marketing campaigns that run every single day, every week of the year, and at all times of the day and night.


For companies in the retail sector, taxi advertising can be both an OOH and POS marketing strategy. The presence of a branded taxi outside your shop or store can serve as a physical reminder to customers of your products and services, prompting them to come inside.


Taxi advertising comes in a range of formats and display options (more on this shortly). This allows your brand to create innovative marketing solutions that are likely to impress your clients.


Taxi advertising campaigns can be developed to suit the specific advertising needs of your company.

For brands wishing to display ads over long periods, professional liveries and vehicle wraps can be used to deliver marketing materials on a permanent basis. For those on a budget, taxis offer short-term digital advertising solutions, allowing you to target a specific audience for a set length of time.


If you wish to target your marketing campaign at a specific audience or area, taxi advertising can be the perfect solution.

Through sophisticated geographic targeting, you can press areas which are relevant to your product. Need to promote your West End show? Maybe you want to advertise throughout Manchester, but only on match days? No problem – a taxi campaign can be developed that maximises exposure at only those precise times in only those precise locations.

Dwell Time

Unlike other forms of OOH advertising – such as digital display screens or roadside billboards –interior taxi advertising allows you to deliver your message directly to passengers.

Taxi dwell time is significantly higher than that of other modes of transport (in a London taxi, for instance, the average is 25 minutes) so your message is sure to be seen and remembered.


Taxi advertising provides an affordable way to reach a large audience with your marketing message. A team like Media Buying can work with you to tailor a campaign that meets your specific budget without compromising on your aims and requirements.

80% of ABC1 consumers can recall a taxi advert they have seen in the past week. This recall rate is almost double that of OOH digital screens and posters.

Taxi Advertising Solutions

Full Livery (Branded Taxis)

A full livery is the most cost-effective way to advertise on a taxi. It allows you to make use of the entire external surface area of the vehicle to deliver your marketing message.

Super Sides

More commonly associated with bus advertising, super sides provide an eye-catching way to display your brand on the side of a taxi. They are ideal for those companies wishing to make an impact in high-footfall areas.

Rear Windows

Rear windows offer a great way to display your brand on a taxi. They are highly visible and, as they are located at eye level, are difficult for pedestrians and drivers to miss.

Tip Seat Advertising

Perfect for London taxis and hackney carriages throughout the UK, tip seats offer a fantastic opportunity for promotion to passengers.

Low-cost and high-impact, tip seats are the ideal solution for all brands, regardless of their budget. Combined with QR codes, a tip seat advert can elicit a direct response, with up to 35% of passengers taking action on the basis of in-taxi advertising.

Digital Seat Advertising

Digital seat advertising is an innovative way to display your brand on taxis. The screens, which are located on the back of passenger seats, can be used to play video content, display static images or show a scrolling message.

Digital Roof Advertising

Seen by many as the future of taxi advertising, digital roof adverts are becoming increasingly popular with brands looking for an innovative way to display their message.

The screens, which are located on the roof of the vehicle, are being pioneered by brands like Uber, and are likely to become an extremely common sight over the next few years.

Receipt Pads

A simple, elegant, low-cost, but highly effective way to advertise on taxis, receipt pads offer an opportunity for your brand to be seen by passengers every time they pay for their journey.

Taxi parking

Types of UK Taxi Advertising

Private Hire Advertising

According to official statistics, 77% of the UK’s licensed taxis are private hire vehicles. Usually operated by local, independent firms, private hire vehicles are often integral to the local communities they serve. At Media Buying, we can deal directly with these firms, ensuring your brand is seen by their passengers daily.

If you are a small, local company, our locality analysis techniques will ensure your campaign is run in taxis across your local area. On the other hand, if you’re looking for nationwide promotion, we will scour the towns and cities of the UK to find the firms which are likely to yield the highest return from your campaign investment.

Hackney Carriage Advertising

Hackney carriages are an iconic part of the UK’s transport landscape. With their distinctive look, they are a common sight at airport and transit locations across the country. They are often the first thing with which visitors to a town or city will interact, making them the perfect campaign canvas for generating awareness.

Hackney carriage taxis are frequently subject to strict local regulations, as city councils strive to maintain a professional appearance across their fleet. As one of our clients, Media Buying will assist in ensuring your advertising materials are compliant, without compromising on impact or creativity.

Uber Advertising

Love them or hate them, it seems that MaaS (mobility as a service) providers – such as Uber and Lyft – are here to stay. Uber drivers alone completed 6.3 billion trips in 2021, making it difficult to ignore the potential taxi advertising options they offer. What’s more, with the company now operating in 83 countries and 785 metropolitan areas worldwide, Uber advertising can be the perfect way to run multiple campaigns across the world, reaching millions of potential customers in the process.

At Media Buying, our media buying team will liaise directly with Uber to help you promote your brand in cities across the world. We will cover the whole process, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

London Taxi Advertising

Whilst our media buying campaigns aim to hit the whole of the UK, it cannot be denied the size of the market and the number of opportunities presented specifically by London taxi advertising.

Each of the 67,000 active London taxis is seen 8 million times every month, providing huge opportunities for advertising through liveries and fully-branded taxis.

Additionally, the average London taxi carries 1,100 passengers each month, with an average journey time of 25 minutes. The vast number of service users and high dwell time make London taxi advertising a fantastic option for brands both in the capital and across the country.

With Media Buying, you can rest assured your London taxi advertising campaign is in safe hands. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry, and our media buying network will work tirelessly to ensure your campaigns deliver the results you need, from the West End to Heathrow, and everything in between.


Media Buying: Taxi Advertising Campaigns

From fully-branded taxis to simple receipt pads, Media Buying’s comprehensive advertising services can provide the perfect solution for your brand.

Our professional marketing strategy team will collaborate closely with you to ensure your campaign is optimised for your business, your location, and your audience.

Our network of design and creative experts will assist in turning your idea into a reality, assuring your materials stand out, resulting in maximum impact and engagement.

No job is too small for us, so whether you’re looking for a few branded taxis in your city or an international campaign in Ubers across the world, we will deliver the highest standard of service.

For the ultimate in expertise and exceptional service, give our team a call today.

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