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Street Furniture Advertising

Street furniture advertising from phone box advertising to rubbish bin advertising

When it comes to out-of-home advertising, street furniture represents one of the most cost-effective and visible ways to make a lasting impression.

From bus shelters and phone boxes to lamp posts and litter bins, convenience store panels to in-store signage – through street furniture advertising, businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to create a more immersive and interactive ad experience; one which connects with potential consumers on a visceral level.

The number of street furniture ad locations is staggering. Media publisher JCDecaux manage over 20,000 street-level advertising faces in the UK alone. However, for many companies, the process of actually getting their ad materials into these spaces can seem mysterious – that’s where an agency like Media Buying can help.

Here at Media Buying, our network of marketing and media buying experts have developed OOH and street furniture advertising campaigns for a range of businesses across all manner of industries, helping them to reach their target audiences in a truly impactful way.

To find out more about street furniture advertising, or any of our other out-of-home advertising options, get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, keep reading for more info on how street furniture advertising could help your business reach new heights.

What Is Street Furniture Advertising?

The term ‘street furniture’ typically refers to any type of public installation found in a street or public space, such as benches, transit shelters, telephone boxes, and street lamps.

Street furniture can also refer to larger decorative items, such as planers, statues, or sculptures.

Street furniture advertising is a form of out-of-home advertising that employs these faces as marketing tools. Their ubiquity throughout the OOH environment grants advertisers the opportunity to market to a massive audience across all demographics.

Forms of Street Furniture Advertising

Transit Shelter Advertising

Bus and transit shelter advertising is the most common of street shelter advertising. Commonly found in the form of a 6-sheet printed poster or digital screen, transit shelters display eye-level marketing materials to a broad captive audience.

Research indicates that bus shelter advertising is significantly more effective as an advertising method than roadside billboards and larger public-space hoardings, making it the perfect option for companies with limited ad budgets.

Phone Box Advertising

Despite the fact that the majority of us use mobile phones, there are still more than 21,000 active phone booths in the UK. What’s more, given their frequent use in emergency and domestic abuse situations, authorities have committed to safeguarding these red boxes in the coming years.

Most frequently found in the form of window decals, phone kiosk advertising offers access to high-footfall locations, with options to display high-impact creative media. Phone box advertising is a particularly cost-effective solution for those who wish to advertise in busy retail and shopping centre environments. While billboard and poster displays in these spaces often come with a high price tag, phone boxes are often a much cheaper option.

Street Pole Advertising

Street pole ads (SPAs) are a high-frequency, high-repetition form of OOH advertising, creating easy access to a huge target audience, many of whom will view a particular ad multiple times per day.

SPAs come in a range of different formats, but most typically consist of printed banner material. Offering simple fixing kit installation, SPAs particularly suit entertainment advertisements, ads for live music, and ads for temporary events.

Litter Bin Advertising

Both internal bin (shopping centres) and external bin sites can be a cost-effective way of reaching a wide range of shoppers and consumers.

A standard advertising bin features a cut-out graphic as its advertising media, providing a low-investment marketing option for those businesses who wish to boost their green credentials.

Cigarette Bin Advertising

Cigarette bins are square apertures designated for the disposal of cigarette butts. Commonly attached to a flat wall in designated smoking areas, these galvanised steel units have a powder-coat finish, ensuring they stay corrosion-resistant in all weather.

The most common cigarette bin design features a graphic of a smoking cigarette alongside a panel for installing ad media. Cigarette bin advertising is particularly effective at targeting pub-goers and is commonly used by taxi companies and those firms who feel they can benefit from reaching this market.

Woman dumping mask into bin on station

The Benefits of Street Furniture as an Outdoor Advertising Medium


Compared to other forms of outdoor advertising, street furniture advertising is a significantly less expensive venture.

For many publishers and media owners, street furniture sites are public amenities, never designed to generate revenue. As a result, the savvy buyer can negotiate an extremely profitable deal, getting the ad media of their clients in some of the most prime public locations.

High Performance

Street furniture ads benefit from a high dwell time. The target audience at a bus shelter, street bench, or cigarette bin, for instance, often spends several minutes exposed to street furniture ads at their location.


Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is a growing market, and there is an ever-increasing number of options for striking digital street furniture advertising.

Guerilla Marketing

For those companies who like to go their own way, street furniture often provides the perfect foundation for developing guerilla marketing and high-impact ad campaigns.

As most street furniture can be installed within 24 hours, you can develop highly responsive street-level guerilla media, ideal for generating buzz and fueling social media engagement.

Young shopping couple strolling past red phone boxes, London, UK

Media Buying: Street Furniture Advertising and More…

Media Buying is a specialist media agency, with a wealth of experience in street furniture advertising.

Our experienced buying team network has access to some of the best street furniture sites across the UK, and we work with all the major publishers and site owners. This gives us an unrivalled ability to place your ad campaigns in the most impactful spots, at the lowest possible price.

Don’t hesitate! Give our sales team a call today!

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