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Advertising Hoardings

Advertising hoarding and construction site hoardings

Let’s face it, as a form of advertising display, construction site hoarding panels aren’t exactly the most glamorous! With the range of innovative OOH (out-of-home) marketing options available – from digital billboards and LED displays, to interactive ad terminals and motion-sensing poster ads – it’s probably fair to say that most advertisers don’t view hoarding boards as a high priority.

However, advertising hoardings actually offer a number of compelling advantages over billboards, street furniture ads, and similar OOH promotional methods. Their physical size and ubiquity across the country’s high streets and shopping centres make them a low-cost, high-impact form of promotion, with plentiful advertising opportunities for those businesses working within limited budgets.

Despite the advantages, all too often potential hoarding advertisers learn that the routes into this form of marketing are ambiguous and obscure – that’s where an agency like Media Buying can help.

At Media Buying, our marketing specialists have the experience, knowledge, and industry savvy to get your hoarding campaign off the ground. Our creative specialists have worked with countless businesses like yours, implementing marketing display materials that not only serve to promote the brand messages of their clients but which keep people engaged across various different locations.

Contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our dedicated account managers. And in the meantime, keep reading for our brief guide to ad hoardings.

Folding chairs in front of construction site hoarding.

What Is a Hoarding?

In the context of outdoor advertising, the term hoarding refers to the temporary boards, barriers, and/or fences which are erected around a construction site or building project. Typically, they take the form of large wooden barriers that keep the public from entering the site and protect them from falling debris.

Although traditionally viewed as purely functional, hoardings are constantly evolving. As contractors and site managers recognise their potential for revenue generation, more and more they are erecting their hoardings with a view to renting them out as display space for advertisers.

Printers are similarly focused on catering to this demand – suppliers of building wraps, fence banners and larger-image printed site boards can be found across the UK, making manufacturing and installation a quick and simple process.

While to many these panels serve only to block construction sites from the public, to the savvy advertiser these blank canvases represent an interesting combination of safety barrier and promotional display.

The Benefits of Advertising Hoardings


According to the ‘Construction Regulations 2015’, construction works cannot take place out in the open, or at a location with no defined boundary. As a result, anywhere which sees construction work will almost certainly also see hoardings.

Crucially, unlike billboard advertising – which tends to favour high-traffic areas – there are no ‘usual locations’ when it comes to advertising hoardings. Hoarding panels are often found in areas which contain little or no other outdoor advertising, but which are still viewed by a huge audience. When it comes to safety barriers in city and shopping centres, for example, hoarding and billboard advertising can be seen by tens of thousands of people each day.

These low-penetration locations offer huge potential for your brand to leverage hoardings for promotional purposes.


Compared to the cost of billboard advertising, a well-targeted hoarding campaign can offer much greater ROI. Many contractors and hoarding panel owners will look to recoup their investment any way they can, leaving the door open for marketers looking to snag a great deal.


Commonly, advertising hoardings consist of extremely large boards, installed at eye level. This gives plenty of scope for bold graphics and artwork, designed to arrest attention and maximise engagement.

If your brand prides itself on running only the most innovative advertising campaigns, hoarding billboards can be a highly unique weapon to keep in your promotional arsenal.

Commonly, advertising hoardings consist of extremely large boards, installed at eye level. This gives plenty of scope for bold graphics and artwork, designed to arrest attention and maximise engagement.

How Do I Start Running Hoarding Advertisements?

This is the question we hear most from our clients, and, frustratingly, there isn’t a simple answer.

The most significant question is who owns the hoarding? If a construction company is developing a set of houses, they may choose to use their hoardings to promote their development. Hoardings of this kind might prominently feature printed graphics showing spec images of finished houses.

Similarly, in the retail space, many stores will use their hoardings to display a preview of what’s coming in their store, effectively letting passers-by see a glimpse of what the new premises will look like, and informing them of when they can expect to see the finished work.

In instances such as these, requests for advertising space will normally be turned down. The role of an agency is to seek out the contractors who see the opportunities to monetise their hoardings, earning them some extra revenue and offsetting the costs of construction.

Such contractors are often open to taking bids from media buyers who want to let their display panels, and an agency like Media Buying can assist in getting your advertising hoarding campaign off the ground. Our team have the expertise and the industry contacts to get your advert up in front of the people who need to see it.

Designing Hoarding Graphics

When it comes to producing graphics for an advertising hoarding site, there are a few key things for your design team to consider.


The type of design you develop will depend on the type of hoarding panels which are in place.

Generally speaking, there are two main forms of hoarding found on sites in the UK:

  • free-standing meshed fences, commonly installed to provide temporary security; and
  • traditional timber-faced plywood, usually erected around a construction project as a legal requirement.

Both forms of hoarding can be easily repurposed as a sign for marketing, but it’s essential to know which of the various forms you will be working with before starting work on a design.

Size and Height

How much space is available on your advertising hoarding? Hoarding height usually varies with the terrain, but 2.3 meters is typical for hoardings in the UK. However, when it comes to covering shops, facades, scaffolding, or to ensuring safe walking paths, extended heights of between three and five metres are often found.

Design size will also depend on the number of hoarding panels that are available to you. Are you working with one display, or will you be promoting your brand across multiple sheets or hoarding boards?

At Media Buying, we will conduct a site survey so you can be confident your artwork will be right for the space.

Display Method

Hoarding billboards commonly utilise a print media form – usually Dibond, Foamex or Correx.

In an increasingly digital age, marketers want more from their brand engagement display, which is why an increasing number of hoarding billboards are employing digital elements. Whilst not quite as commonplace as fully digital billboards, hoarding graphics are increasingly found employing digital elements (LED and neon lighting, for example).

The display form you choose will impact the final design of your advertising hoarding, so make sure you have a clear idea before you proceed.

Using Media Buying to Create Your Advertising Hoardings Campaign

When it comes to creating advertising hoarding billboards for your company, you want an agency that can cover all bases.


Like any outdoor advertising campaign, when it comes to promoting your business via hoarding advertisements, you must have a firm strategy in place.

As a client of Media Buying, your account manager will work closely with you to map out a plan of attack, ensuring your business sees the greatest return on its investment.


Whilst hoardings tend to offer better value than billboard advertising, it’s still easy to overspend. A marketing agency like Media Buying can help you assess your finances, and develop a spending plan which will allow you to meet your goals and targets.

What’s more, by choosing us for your hoarding display campaign, you’ll get benefit from the economies of scale seen by all our clients.


With Media Buying, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading locality analysis and research strategies. We provide precise geographic targeting services to clients across the UK, ensuring your advertising hoarding is seen by the greatest number of relevant customers.

We will secure a range of locations which will work best for your company, whether you need only one display or a nationwide range.


At Media Buying, you can leave all the negotiations up to us.

Our team will liaise with their industry contacts to negotiate the terms of your hoarding campaign, and ensure you get the best deal possible.


At Media Buying, our in-house design team and network of creatives can ensure your hoardings serve not only to promote your business but to display a positive, engaging brand message.

Whether you want to advertise your company or to provide public information, our graphic designers know how to turn construction projects into billboards which dazzle and inform.

Media Buying: Advertising Hoarding and More…

For all your hoardings, billboards, and large-format advertisement needs, Media Buying is here for you.

Our advertising experts are ready to use their experience and industry know-how to help your business advertise to the right people in the right way.

Our one-stop-shop service covers everything, from campaign strategy and location planning, to budgeting and creative work, to production and installation – we are on top of all your business’ large-format advert needs!

So if you’re ready to take your hoarding advertising to the next level, contact us today.

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