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AdVan advertising and mobile billboards

When it comes to OOH advertising, businesses of today are spoilt for choice. With billboards, construction site hoardings, street furniture, and digital screens (to name just a few), selecting the right method to attract a target audience can feel like an overwhelming task.

A highly effective – and frequently overlooked – form of outdoor advertising is that offered by mobile billboards. With their high-impact visuals, mobile display options, and low upfront investment, ad-vans are the ultimate option for businesses looking to generate awareness or gain an edge over their competitors.

At Media Buying, we offer a comprehensive mobile billboard marketing service. From strategy and UK-wide locality targeting to creative design and hire price negotiation – we can work with you to develop mobile advertising campaigns that reach the most consumers and generate the maximum return on your company’s investment.

Contact our team today to get started, or keep reading for our expert guide to mobile billboard advertising.

The Types of Mobile Billboard Advertising

AdVan (Print) Advertising

Advertising vans (abbreviated to ‘ad-vans’ or ‘AdVans’) commonly consist of a double-sided A-frame mounted to the rear portion of a van or truck.

Manufactured from durable and reusable PVC, these 48-sheet adverts allow you to display creative marketing materials in a large format that’s impossible to ignore.

AdVan (Digital) Advertising

Eschewing printed PVC in favour of a high-resolution LED display, digital ad-vans offer increased impact, as well as the option to change your advertising materials on short notice.

Perfect for future-focussed brands, digital billboard advertising vans provide the ultimate canvas for impactful messaging and impressive advertisement display.

AdTrailer Advertising

Whilst mobile advertising vehicles generally feature billboards that are permanently fixed, advertising trailers can be attached to and pulled by a range of vehicle types.

More significantly, advertising trailers can also be easily detached, allowing you to turn your mobile billboards into static billboards, with the option to leave them in popular locations that are guaranteed to deliver your company messaging as effectively as possible.

AdBike Advertising

For an eco-friendly solution to mobile advertising, ad-bikes can be used to deliver your brand message on high streets, bike lanes, and pedestrianised areas common in major cities.

Compared to other forms of mobile billboard advertising, ad-bikes are significantly cheaper to run, as well as better for the environment – perfect for green-focused brands and businesses.

AdWalker Advertising

If your business is looking for outdoor advertising on a budget, ad-walker adverts can be the optimal solution.

Cheap to hire and highly noticeable, ad-walker mobile billboards can be operated at all locations, including retail parks, indoor shopping centres, and even popular sporting events.

The Outdoor Advertising Association found that ad-vans can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions each day.

The Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising


As mentioned, few outdoor advertising solutions offer the reach of mobile advertising vans and mobile billboards. The Outdoor Advertising Association found that ad-vans can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions each day, making them ideal for advertisement campaigns of all types.


With this reach comes supreme options for developing targeted campaigns that are designed to display marketing materials to particular consumers in particular areas at particular times of the day.


Research indicates that mobile billboard advertising vans are noticed by 98% of road users, with a massive 97% message recall rate. Combined with effective creative materials, a mobile billboard becomes a point of interest, often shared by social media users, and effectively turning your outdoor advertising into online advertising.


Unlike bus or taxi advertising, where route planning is unavailable, mobile billboard advertising allows you to create a targeted campaign that sends your brand message directly to your specific audience. Ad-vans and ad-walkers are suitable for all weather conditions, and can be displayed at the exact location you need them.


Mobile billboard print materials can be created quickly and at a low cost. For brands looking to deliver a message quickly, mobile billboards and advertising vans can be set up to target your audience faster than billboard advertising or other popular OOH mediums.

Mobile billboards also allow you to run a campaign of your choosing. For temporary advertising, mobile billboards are perfect, offering flexibility that wouldn’t be provided via a static billboard site.


Ad-vans are cheap to hire with assets that are cheap to produce. What’s more, a campaign can be activated without lengthy contract requirements. If your business has a tight budget, mobile advertising can be the most cost-effective method for reaching a target audience, while generating valuable leads and sales.

Media Buying for Mobile Billboards

At Media Buying, we specialise in building successful campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes. No matter the size of your company or its budget, our expert team are on hand to assist with all aspects of campaign development and implementation.


As one of our clients, we will collaborate closely to understand the specifics of your brand, its position in the market, the message it wants to display, and the customers it hopes to target.

We will build a plan of attack that delivers upon the goals you have without going over budget and putting your business in jeopardy.


We pride ourselves on offering the most innovative geographic targeting techniques and services to clients across the UK. We take a boots-to-the-ground approach, ensuring your marketing efforts are reaching the right people.

Unlike traditional OOH media buyers – who will often package your advert for display at set sites defined by the publisher – at Media Buying we make sure all of your campaign deliver brand materials only where you need them.


Our award-winning network of marketing creatives will develop advertisement materials that are sure to turn heads and deliver your message in an impactful way. They will work directly with you to ensure your ad materials are impactful and on-brand.

Media Buying

Once your strategy and creative are finalised, our team of experienced media buyers will utilise their relationships with OOH providers across the UK to secure the best rates for your campaign.

At Media Buying, we always aim to get our clients the most bang for their buck, and will work tirelessly to make sure your mobile billboard campaign is as successful as it can be.

Reporting, Analysis, and Optimisation

As your campaign runs, our team will continuously monitor its progress, making necessary changes along the way to ensure it is running as smoothly and effectively as possible. We will provide detailed reports on the performance of your campaign, as well as offer optimisation recommendations for any future campaigns.

Media Buying: Mobile Billboard Advertising and Much More…

To learn more about our comprehensive, cost-effective service, contact the Media Buying team today.

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